In late March 2020, Broad Institute rapidly converted our large-scale genomics facility into a center that can process SARS-CoV-2 tests. Working in partnership with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Massachusetts State Public Health Laboratory, and medical facilities in the Commonwealth, the Broad's CLIA-certified lab processes samples collected from patients in Massachusetts and beyond.

This page shows the number of SARS-CoV-2 viral diagnostic and surveillance tests processed at the Clinical Research Sequencing Platform (CRSP) at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

These numbers are updated during the course of the day as samples are completed at Broad. For details on the testing program, visit the Broad Institute website.
Total Tests Completed


since 3/25/2020
Positive Tests


2% of tests
last 7-day rolling average
Inconclusive & Invalid Tests


0.7% of tests

The numbers will not match the daily reports from the State of Massachusetts for several reasons:
  • Some people are tested more than once (for example, as a confirmation or re-test, or as part of an ongoing college/university testing program). The figures here reflect the number of tests performed, not the number of people tested.
  • Broad Institute processes some tests from other states.
The "percent positive" pertains to the tests submitted to Broad. Because different organizations use different criteria for selecting individuals for testing, it is not possible to draw meaningful conclusions about infection rates or trends from these data.

The Clinical Research Sequencing Platform, LLC is a subsidiary of the Broad Institute.